Eric Oellermann,

Why did you do this?
I just can't find the words to show how shocked I am right now .. Eric, why are you doing this to us?! I tell you something:
Ryan is not going to get over it this quick. Neither is Sam. Neither is your family. And, Eric, neither am I.
God, I still can't believe this!
Boy, there was help out there! There were people that could have helped you out of the trouble you were in! And, boy, if you didn't want to go to them, you could've asked me for help!
Even though we were not the closest friends, I would have done eveything to help you out of some bad situations. I just can't stand the thought of you not being here anymore .. whenever I thought of you, I had a clear pictures of a good friend in my mind, someone that was just always .. there. And now it's hard to face the fact that you're gone and that you'll never come back ..
Eric? I could go on like this forever. I could go on like this for hours, telling you how nothing in this world is worth dying for.
But, I guess it's too late.
Who knows, maybe such thing as Heaven exists. Maybe you can read what I am writing right now. Maybe you don't even care.
But, let me tell you one thing:
I would have gone through thick and thin with you. Although we fought so often, we also had so many happy memories, how could you just throw it away like this?
I probably wasn't the last thing crossing your mind before you pulled the trigger. But I don't care.
Eric, I have loved you. Loved you as a true friend.

Rest in peace, Eric Oellermann.
May you find your inner self.
Rest in peace.

5.5.07 10:49

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